How customer-focused is your messaging?

Most sellers spend too much time thinking and speaking about themselves. It's how the world it creeps into your brain subconsciously.

You can avoid this trap with help from High Focus AI. Thousands of other sales professionals have consistently multiplied their sales performance by applying High Focus to their communication. 

Now you can get instant feedback from AI on your email drafts and Zoom calls to master the art of sales communication. 

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New to the High Focus Method?

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"Your buyer wants to be the hero of their own story. To tap into their motivation, you can leverage psychology-based tools to help them feel informed and empowered to act. Great salespeople are like adventure guides, helping buyers discover value through expert discovery and listening. Then the art of fine-tuned language can manifest itself in the form of larger deals, shortened sales cycles, and repeat business." 

Joe Thomas, Creator of the High Focus Method

Rethink everything you know about sales communication

Where do you want to improve? 

  • Write Better Emails

    Ensure that you really connect with the motives of your buyers. High Focus AI helps you as you type with instant color-coding and training at your fingertips.

  • Win on more sales calls

    Your Zoom calls can be instantly analyzed and you get instant feedback on your performance. You gain insight and analysis on what your buyers are thinking and feeling, and how your message resonates…or not.

  • Micro-Training

    You don't have to sit in a classroom for days on end to get powerful sales training. Easily search and watch micro-training videos specifically for you, based on your actual Zoom call recordings and sales emails. Only spend time on what will help YOU now. 

Breakthrough with better emails

Get real-time help crafting effective emails that resonate with buyers, keeping you laser focused on their needs and leading to more qualified leads and better conversion.

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Close more deals with better sales calls

Connect your Zoom account and watch game film to quickly level up your ability to master virtual sales calls. Easily clip and share highlights with your team, and get AI feedback on how you're doing. 

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Continually learn how to improve

Get access to hundreds of micro-training videos that are customized for you individually, to help you succeed in closing more deals. Each recommended video is based on your own email & sales call performance. No need to sit in a classroom for long days, or watch endless courses. Just dedicate a few minutes a day to your area of focus for continuous improvement. 

Microtraining Videos

Why Do Sales Leaders Love High Focus AI?

World-class training on-demand for your team, unprecedented insights for you as their leader

  • Breakthrough Communication

    • Better emails that work
    • Better marketing messaging
    • Tighter alignment to buyer needs
    • More effective sales calls
  • Micro-Training

    • No interruption to productivity
    • Brief & targeted to address critical needs
    • Adopted by 10,000+ pro sales reps
    • Proven results
  • Leader Insights

    • Always know who is on track
    • Share best practices from top performers
    • Predictive analytics
    • Full transparency - productivity & efficacy by rep

High Focus Ai for Enterprise Sales Leaders

As an enterprise sales organization, you can improve sales communication and performance at scale with the help of artificial intelligence, real-time feedback, and personalized micro-training for each sales professional. 

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Brands that need High Focus

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Your Coach - Joe Thomas

If you are reading this, undoubtedly you are a progressive and aware sales executive or business leader who wants to improve your sales team’s performance. Perhaps you’re looking for a new approach to selling - not a sales approach developed decades ago. In any event, you respect your buyers and are looking to genuinely improve their condition.

You're going to love working with Joe - the man, the mind, behind High Focus selling. Sales leaders, account executives and SDRs at Microsoft, Dell, and others have consistently rated Joe and his High Focus method as some of the best training they've ever received. Before inventing the High Focus method, Joe was a top rated thinker and facilitator at FranklinCovey.

Joe Mag Cover

What your peers are saying

  • "This approach has elevated the conversations between my sales team and our clients/prospects.  These higher value conversations have shortened our sales cycle and increased our deal size." 

    SVP Enterprise Sales
  • "After rewriting our emails using the High Focus method, we got 13X higher response rates."

    Founder, High Growth Startup
  • "We thought we had lost a multi-million dollar opportunity, until one High Focus message brought us back to the deal table."

    Head of Enterprise Sales, B2B