Improve sales.
Stay in High Focus.
When your customers hear Low Focus...
...when they hear High Focus.

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July 12, 1:00 p.m. CST

Intro (1hr): The High Focus Method (with AI)

Rethink Everything You Know About Sales Communication (with help from AI)

What you will learn

Accelerate your deal cycle
Multiply response rates to your prospecting emails
Immediately appeal to buyer's primary motives
Grow and retain your customers/accounts

Meet Your Coach Joe Thomas

If you are reading this, undoubtedly you are a progressive and aware sales executive or business leader who wants to improve your sales team’s performance. Perhaps you’re looking for a new approach to selling - not a sales approach developed decades ago. In any event, you respect your customers, their business, and are looking to genuinely improve their condition.

You're going to love working with Joe - the man, the mind, behind High Focus selling. Sales leaders, account executives and SDRs at Microsoft, Dell, Accenture, and hundreds of other organizations have consistently rated Joe and his High Focus method as some of the best training they've ever received. Before creating the High Focus method, Joe was a top-rated thinker and facilitator at FranklinCovey.

“Joe Thomas and his High Focus Training have made dramatic differences in how I work with customers. His techniques reinforce the importance of keeping the focus on your customer, not you!" ”

Mark Saalmuller, CMTSE

“Joe's dynamic leadership captivates followers, including skeptical execs. Spend time with him. I have been richly rewarded by doing so, I believe you will be too.”

Stephen Joseph, Business Consulting Firm

“High Focus has, in my humble opinion, the best curriculum in the market to drive sales productivity & effectiveness.”

VP Fortune 100